Hanover Watch Box by Martin Breese: this may be the best watch box ever


This is  the most stunning perfectly working watch box I have ever seen.  I have owned many vintage boxes (yes some of them fantastic) but for sheer ease of working and beauty this one is hard to beat. Sold by Martin Breese Magic around 2005. WOW! In new condition and yes the instructions were produced and are included.

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From an early advertisement from Martin Breese: I would like to be able to say that this is the best item that John has ever produced but I can’t because each item is a masterpiece in itself. Just look at the wonderful finish on this box and, if when you receive it, you can open the secret flap I will be really surprised. I haven’t produced the instructions yet because I just don’t know how I will be able to put into words how you open the box and retrieve the contents even though the box has been locked. If my instructions for both of these items don’t do the items full justice I will be happy to telephone any purchaser so that with either item in their hands I can describe over the phone exactly how they function. In essence you gently press a special area of the base of the box and the side springs open without a sound. The contents of the box slide into your hand. As the box is placed on to the table or passed to a spectator the secret opening is closed and again without a sound.

Yes. I have been a professional copywriter all my life and have created many prize-winning advertisements but every word of these descriptions is absolutely true.

I rave about John’s work because it is probable that he is the only person in the world who can make these classic items. At least five people have had samples and the challenge to make exact copies and all have failed. I couldn’t believe my luck when John turned up at my door when I moved to Brighton. He had a cardboard box and it was packed with some of these wonderful boxes.

From time to time I give him a call and he says that he will make some more. I waited twenty years for him to start work again and one day he will just stop again. I am certainly going to hold on to several examples of everything that he makes and on my death I will bequeath them to the Magic Circle Museum, which is the only place that I think will be worthy of having such fine magical creations on display.

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