Hardini Mental Chest: West Germany: it shouts quality

$675.00 $499.00

Sometime when you look at an effect you simply know it is quality and know it is something special. As is the case with Hardini’s Mental Chest.  The props are the finest made. The look is expensive and says nothing but quality.  Hardini crafted his magic in West Germany in small quantities and is known for his attention to detail and for fine quality apparatus.This might be his masterpiece. It is electronic but does not work exactly as you would expect.

The spectator places the fine pewter king and the two pawns under three beautifully metal covers while the magician is not looking. The magician is immediately able to identify the king’s location.

OK lets face it, this is a shelf piece but s is also readily performable.  Great for an office or magic room, Everything packs away beautifully in its exquisite carry case. Scarce and functioning perfectly with original instructions.

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