Hardini Wondering Candle: Fine piece from this incredible German craftsman: rare


If you are aware of the German master craftsman Hardini, you know his works have always been in demand and highly collectible. He made limited quantities.  He passed away a few years ago and his items have become even more desirable. This is an example of why.  This is the finest haunted candle I have ever seen. The lit candle and its wooden holder move across the platform slowly towards the hanging envelope. It is eerie to watch.  You can make the candle holder travel as far you as you want across the platform stand. It is under your control so it can be timed to your routine.  Incredibly easy to reset. Absolutely silent.

There are no electronics involved as this is all clockwork motor driving the candle.  I cannot say enough.  It is an incredible piece. Instructions are in German but i will write up a brief description in English.

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