Hardini’s Mental Chess: German magic at its finest: scarce


From the German Master Craftsman “Hardini” comes this exquisite piece of apparatus.  It’s craftsmanship is exquisite and the effect the best of its kind. Please read the description below.  The wooden base is 10 by 4 inches.

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Hardini’s MENTAL CHESS- a great mental magic effect beautifully crafted by the late Juergen Bluemel (AKA, Hardini) of Germany.  His exquisite apparatus is now highly sought after. This is one of his best and rarest pieces.

Briefly, spectator places three metal figurines (a King and two farmers) under  three opaque decorative covers on a thin wooden tray, yet the performer will always be able to reveal the order of the hidden figures.   For a second phase of the routine, the spectator is told to remove one of the figures and hide it inside a cloth drawstring bag.  The performer turns around and immediately names the figure that was removed.

The instructions suggest performing the routine blindfolded to add an extra element of mystery.

The method of cueing is a bit different from most.  The light “signal” is visible  in only a tiny spot on the back corner of the tray.  And it’s a single dot of light  which changes color to indicate the positions.   I also like that there is no on-off switch which is common with many props of  this type. There is nothing to find until the figures are placed on the tray.  Once removed, everything could be displayed freely.

However, what really sets this apart from similar effects is the sheer beauty of  the apparatus.  It’s a true testament to Hardini’s wonderful craftsmanship.  You’ll  not only perform with these props…you’ll display them proudly.

The icing on the cake is the included packing case, beautifully crafted from mahogany.  There are fitted compartments for each of the pieces, including the tray.

In mint condition.  Tested and works perfectly.

Complete with the original German instructions and a brief English translation.

(Thanks to Joe Long for the detailed description)

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