Herbert Paufler’s Tien-Tse: incredible German Micro Magic


A miniature skeleton in the closet by Germany’s most prolific micro magic inventor! The skeleton is put into the lizard adorned tube one piece at a time but when the tube is lifted the skeleton is out of order.  A small canister is introduced, the skeletons head is placed into the canister and the lid  put on.  A tiny figure is placed on top of the canister to make sure nothing gets in or out (this step can be eliminated if you wish).  The remaining two pieces of the skeleton are place in the tube and when it is lifted the skeleton is complete.  The canister is opened and a small flowered bouquet is there and no skeleton head!   With instructions in German and a simple translation in English.

Beautiful props!  the Tube is 4.5″.  The decorative box is 2″.  The figure is 2.25″  Mint condition.

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