Hughes Atomic Cocktail Shaker Deluxe with 8 bloom rose bouquet


Stunning effect and presentation originating with Horace Marshall and expertly produced by Richard Hughes. Sells for $1985 new.

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A beautiful routine filled with color and surprises every step of the way. Invented by Horace Marshall and expertly produced by Richard Hughes.

In effect: Performer picks up a cocktail shaker and begins to shake a cocktail when he notices there is no bottom to the shaker.  He removes the top adn gives a clear look through the shaker.  Sealing each end of the tube with a tissue paper and nickeled rings, he lines up four glasses on a clear plexiglass tray.  He pokes holes in the top of the shaker and produces a silk handkerchief from the top and then a matching one from the bottom.  Then a smoking burbling drink is poured into a glass matching the color of the just produced handkerchiefs. This is repeated three more times with different color handkerchiefs and drinks. Finally an extremely large 24 foot streamer is produced from the shaker! As a finale the performer produces a stunning 8 bloom rose bouquet as he takes his bow!

This is a lot of magic in a very few minutes.  Comes in a packing box made especially for the props. Richard uses the same crinkle finished metal that Horace used which makes for a wonderful stage presentation. This sells new for $1985 but your prices is about a third!  Props are all in very good condition.

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