Impromptu Influence by Larry Becker and Lee Earl and Tossed Out Deck by Wayne Dobson

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Impromptu Influence by Larry Becker & Lee Earle:

Introducing the latest impromptu head-scratcher from Mentalism Incorporated: Impromptu Influence!

At dinner, you write down a toll-free telephone number for a friend with whom you made a friendly wager and place it in full view on the table.

Your audience then freely selects one item from the many on the table to focus upon – for example a spoon. Next, they ask you for the number you wrote down.

They are then connected to a friend’s voice mail, asking callers to leave a short message, especially if they are thinking of a spoon!

* No forces

* No stooges

* No assistants

* No sleights

* No set-up

* No gimmicks

* No electronics

* Whatever they select, your friend on the voicemail names it. Specifically!

From Magic Cafe- Yes sir. It really is impromtu and is great for the person who hangs out/performs at coffee shops or even performs at fine dining establishments. I will tell you Riverdjlr that Larry and Lee have another winner on their hands. If you’ve enjoyed their past products, Influence U will deliver with “jaw dropping” results. I can attest to the fact that it truely is impromtu as long as you have your cellphone with you. I recently tested “influence u” on some salesfolks at a local diner and left them speechless.

Tossed Out Deck

Wayne’s routine, from his professional stand-up act, contains his added psychological nuances to David Hoy’s original “tossed Out Deck” routine.

Without wishing to detract from the original, Wayne always found that it received a muted response from the audience. This was because when all three assistants sit down at the same time, the audience is confused as to what has actually happened. This confusion results in ‘polite’ applause, when they should really be giving you an ovation!

If you perform the tossed Out Deck as it is outlined in Wayne’s included word-for-word routine on DVD, you will be amazed at the increased level of response and applause.


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