Interchange by Alan Warner


From Alan Warner:A thin teak plaque is displayed by the performer and shown to be completely blank on both sides of it. (No special moves are involved – the plaque is genuinely blank.) The plaque is then slipped into a small wooden cover which is now given to a spectator to hold. Next, the performer takes a small teak paddle out of his pocket and then shows the spectator that an identical Oriental character has apparently been inlaid into the surface of each side of it. He then taps the cover (which is still being held by the spectator) several times with the paddle and suddenly ONE OF THE INLAYS IN THE PADDLE APPEARS TO HAVE DISAPPEARED, leaving in its place the cut-out shape of the oriental character in the surface of the wood. The spectator is now requested to tip the plaque out of the cover.THE TEAK PLAQUE THAT WAS PREVIOUSLY BLANK NOW HAS THE ORIENTAL CHARACTER INLAID INTO ITS SURFACE!TOP QUALITY APPARATUS! The apparatus is made in teak and has light-colored boxwood inlays for a good visual contrast. The cover measures 9.5 x 5 cms (approx.), and the paddle is 13.7 cms (approx.) in length. INTERCHANGE IS AN UNUSUAL EFFECT WITH A SURPRISING CLIMAX THAT TAKES PLACE IN THE SPECTATOR’S OWN HANDS.


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