Jack Gwynne’s SpeeDee Rabbit Production


Beautiful prop by Michael Baker/The Magic Company.

Tray Measures: 13 x 16.25″

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A small table top folding stand is shown unprepared and set up.  A tray is then set upon the stand.  Atop the tray are several hinged panels that unfold to form a box.  Immediately a Rabbit or any other suitable production item is removed from the box.

The quickness of this mini illusion is what makes it so stunning to witness.  The rabbit seems to come from nowhere.

The original Jack Gwynne version of this utilized a folding floor stand and was meant for stage use. THe smaller size does away with the bulky apparatus and makes it suitable for Parlor use.

For the record, Abbott’s made a version called “Snappy Rabbit Production” but need an assistant. This version does not.

Stunningly beautiful from The Magic Company this item is no longer available from the manufacturer. It has never been used.

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