Jan Forster’s Extreme Impossible Card to Wallet (E.I.C.T.W) #20 of 25 long sold out! If you want the finest, this is it!


I m pleased to be able to offer this highly desirable effect on my website. It is without question, the best card to wallet routine that has ever been invented.  The price makes it not for everyone, but if you would like to be one of 25 people who are able two do this, maybe it is for you.  How is it possible that a freely chosen signed card, returned to the deck and sealed in its box, winds up in the performers rear pocket wallet in a sealed envelope after the wallet was removed by the spectator from the performer’s pocket?    It is just not possible but that is what happens.  THE video is in German but you certainly get the idea. This is a performance masterpiece.  Please read all the info below. This is new and never used.

After completely selling out, due to demand, the The Company (Mental Treasures) even recently sold its own copy of the effect, and it sold in 17 hours after being listed on the website.  I am selling this unit for the same price.  May be we can beat that 17 hours, If you want the finest this is it.

The below information is taken direct from the companies website that you can review here

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How often do you get the opportunity in your life to acquire a unique piece of art? Technically not difficult and can be demonstrated in a ring? A routine that sets you apart from the crowd? With EICTW you now have the opportunity!

A 7-year-long developed  “under heat” that has been refined over and over again for 7 years has been tried and tested for 7 years and has been a globally unique routine  with 2 (!) Effects that overwhelm the public for 7 years !


Jan Forster himself says:

“… one of my favorite children has grown up …”

“… I never thought that there would be colleagues who were able to work on me until I agreed to” bring this routine to the market in a mini edition “. After all, I consider it my strongest, not purely mental routine … So you can be wrong. …. ”

“… I have a number of corporate customers who explicitly want this routine again and again, have seen it often and still have no explanation for it. … “

Take your chance and the rare opportunity to include this unique routine – penned by Germany’s most entertaining mentalists – in your repertoire. Be one of 25 who can and may perform this unique feat.

EICTW is only once and in limited number of pieces . Only 25 (!) Pieces for the world market!


Extremely Impossible Card To Wallet

Due to the great demand we had decided to sell the company’s own copy. Sold after 17 hours.

What do you get?

You get EVERYTHING to demonstrate this routine right away.

Public performance law

1 booklet in which Jan Forster explains all the subtleties (German and English!)

1 German-language DVD (performance / explanation)

All required, super refined gimmicks


envelopes and seals for 25 performances

All information on where you can get the required consumables.

Replacement material (which you will probably never need ☺)

Carefully packed in a noble metal tin with foam.


Exclusively available from Mental-Treasures®


ATTENTION: This product is unfortunately sold out!

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