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Okito inspired Handkerchief box. Simply beautiful

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Silks appear, disappear, and change!

The Jap Box is a classic prop that is used to very rapidly cause silks to appear, disappear, or change. The set consists of a four-sided box (no top or bottom), plus a tray upon which the box sits.

Effect: Show the two parts freely. Assemble the box on the tray and immediately reach in and produce a large colorful silk. Drop it back inside and just as quickly the box and tray are separated and the silk has vanished!

Single flap model. Beautiful design, black lacquer finish, and gorgeous full color decals in an oriental theme. Very smooth working. Dimensions: Box – 8.5″L x 5.25″W x 5.5″H. Tray 9.25″L x 6″W.

New, never used, excellent condition.

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