Jeff Busby’s Automated Sefalaljia 2: The king of mini spirit cabinets: 1995 scarce


Jeff Busby’s Automated Sefalaljia.In mint unused condition  1995 scarce.

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This is without question the greatest spirit routine and the best built equipment of all time. In fact, there almost seems something sacrilegious by listing this just after I listed Tora Split Dice. This cabinet is highly prized by performers and collectors.

The routine is based on Stuart James version of he Sefalaljia.  Look at the props,  The cabinet is a work of art. Look at the dovetail work.There is a lot of gimmicks  hiding in the innocent appearing cabinet.This is in unused unopened condition.  Not many were sold because they were very expensive when released in 1995. The checklist is still on the cabinet and the accessories in original wrap.

For those of you that knew Claude Crowe this was his cabinet which he bought new.  You will never find one in better condition. I sold one 15 years ago for $3200 to a prominent New York magician. Today you can buy it for a lot less.. The protective case is original.  The size of the cabinet is 13.5x7x9 inches.

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