Joe Porper’s Cocktail Surprise; Great prop of exceptional quality!


Brand new opened to photograph.  Take a look at the props. Outstanding quality.  Look at the stunning two piece wand.  That is why Joe’s products have earned the reputation of quality!  YOu can find this for $1,100 used on ebay.  I think i would buy it here!

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Pete Biro and Joe Porper’s all new Cocktail Surprise! Every once in awhile a classic effect, like the cups and balls, gets a new twist. First it was the chop cup, then the combo-cups sets and now it is the Cocktail Surprise.
Pete and Joe have combined the best features of them all into one single prop, a Mini Cocktail Shaker.
It thinks it’s a Chop Cup, but it is not. You can let the spectator put the ball into the cup and take it out. There is nothing to find. Yet you can do what a Chop Cup does, and more.
You can use the supplied balls or not, you can combine the classic sponge balls, or not. It’s a one-cup routine, but it’s not. It is perfect for the bar, restaurant or walk-around.
The surprise? When you reach the usual climax, producing a final load like a lemon or a solid ball, a second climax follows with the production of a shot glass, which is followed by pouring a drink from the shaker. That’s the surprise. That’s the self-working, no load necessary, finish that sets this apart from other cup routines.
You are supplied the custom, stainless steel Mini Cocktail Shaker, the balls, the secret gimmick (built into a one-of-a-kind Joe Porper wand), a glass, a custom-engraved wooden carrying case

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