Joe Porper’s Misers Cocktail Shaker: 2004 New old stock!


This is incredible. I have examined it for it functionality and I can tell you it is an amazing piece of workmanship. Produced in 2004 and sold for $1500 it is no longer available. This is  brand new never used!

With it you can perform an amazing version of the misers dream.  It comes with a coin wand, a rattle gimmick and a coin producer to wear on your belt that cleanly delivers a roll of coins to you but the star of the show is the shaker itself! It is designed to deliver coins directly into the shaker and is under your control at all times. The shaker can be looked into closely with nothing to see!

This is a truly amazing prop and the craftsmanship is something to behold.  As i mentioned early it sold for $1500 in 2004 and was worth every penny! With carry case.

Out of stock

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