John Daniel Skeleton Center table: single table


The original John Daniel (Thayer) Skleton center table.  This is not part of the limited edition table set.  It is one that was left after assembling the 9 limited edition 3 table sets which are now sold out..  You can read about the tables below.  This was one of the odd tables that is mentioned late in the write up.

You are buying the single center table only!  There is only one available.  This contains no brass plate and is not part of the Limited Edition Series of 9.

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These are quite simple the most beautiful graphic tables I have ever seen. I first saw them about 12 years ago at the LA Conference on Magic History. John Daniel was always a dealer there. It seemed he loved that convention. They were at his dealers table. He was asking $1100 for the set which seemed cheap to me because I had never seen the Thayer skeleton tables before let alone one in this condition which appeared to be brand new. On further inquiry I found that john had actually made the tables using the Thayer patterns (John owned Thayer at one time). I would have owned them but shipping them home was a bit of a problem so I passed.

Before I go on any further there may be one or two reading this that does not know who John Daniel was. John was a touring magician with magic and spook shows. He was a publisher and a magic shop owner. He owned Owens (Thayer) in the 1960’s. John was the inventor of the thin model sawing and it was his first wife, Irene Stoltz (Larsen) that it was built specifically for. John later married and toured with Catherine Birch (Daniel). Let me just say that John’s power of persuasion must have been great as he married two of the most beautiful women the world has seen. John was tremendous collector of not only magic but African Art, toys and Carousels. Fortunately he was a great builder (Doc Abo called him a modern master craftsman). He was also a very dear friend. That is where the tables come back in.

It was this year while visiting Cathy that we discovered the tables. They were as beautiful as I remembered. John had 9 sets of them completely painted and was ready to add the tops and center supports. Unfortunately he never got to this. This is where I come in. After acquiring them I promised that I would insure that John’s tables would be put into the hands of collectors and performers where he had intended.

So here they are. 9 sets of John Daniel original tables. I spared no expense in finishing them as the tops and center supports are made of birch. We used piano hinges and steel cleats to re-inforce. These table should last a lifetime. Each table is more than 15 years old and may have a bump or two but not anything significant. For all intent they appear new.

We have 9 complete sets available numbered one through 9. We also have one spare center and one spare side table which we will post for sale later. Notice the side tables are mirror images of one another. Your chance to on one of the most beautiful tables ever produced from one of the nicest guys that ever lived.

The price will be held for the next Thirty days then may go up. I am making very little profit on these. My motive is simply to get them into the hands of the people who will appreciate them.

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