John Daniel Thayer Skeleton Tables: Limited Edition #1of 9


You are getting a matched set of 3 tables. Notice the side table are mirror images or each other. Please read description below.

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John Daniel was a touring magician, a great builder (he invented the thin model sawing), part owner of Owen Magic with Carl Owen for a period, a massive collector, an all-around good guy and a very good friend.

When John passed while visiting his wife Cathy (one of the dearest people I know) we discovered an unfinished project of John’s in one of his storage areas. John was working on “Thayer” skeleton tables. We had the forms but no tops or back supports.

He had finished and sold a couple of sets prior to his death (he sold them for $1,200).  But here was the rest and when we counted them up it was enough to make nine three table sets.

Cathy and I worked out and agreement and I think the most important thing to her was that they be finished and put into the magic world that John and she loved so dearly.  I promised that would be done.

That is exactly what I did several years ago.  I sent them to my friend and master builder Paul Lembo.  They were finished in the finest fashion using Baltic birch for the tops, piano hinges, etc.   We spared no expense.

We produced 9 sets.  We put numbered brass plates on them and sold them through Magic Collectibles. They sold out in a couple of weeks.

Fast forward and I purchased a collection from one of my customers that had set number 1 of 9 in it.  That is what I am selling now.  They are in excellent condition: he just stored them.

I wanted to give you the history as these are very special tables to me and they commemorate a very dear friend. I am selling them for the same price we did several years ago. They should be more. I hope someone who appreciates them gets them.

No International sales because of their size. They will be shipped in two cartons.  Please keep that in mind if you are in California.  Shipping will not be cheap but as always will be my exact cost with nothing added.

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