Just a Cup (this is not a chop cup) by Axel Hecklau: fantastic chop cup type routine without a chop cup!


Just a cup

this is not a Chop Cup.

This is a different method with much more flexibility. No hitting the table necessary. Everything can be examined without switches. More flexibility and safe feeling for the performer

The routine has a instant reset – perfect for walk around magic. 360° full angle proof

New and different effects possible (that won’t work with a classic chop cup).  Magic in the hand of the spectator. The props can be handed out!

This is a piece for the working performer.  Watch the video from the Magic Castle for some of the possible effects (to work the  effect exactly as on the video you will need a plastic neck cracker gimmick not included).

.THIS IS NO LONGER MADE OR AVAILABLE. This is as new and we are selling it for the original sales price.

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