Labco Magic’s Mental Boxes: incredible effect from the leader of electronic magic


I believe this to be the best apparatus of its kind.  The electronics are totally invisible. You are using five boxes and a board: that is it. Nothing to see which is as it should be. You get with the effect 5 black boxes lined with velvet, a mahogany plate with totally hidden electronics, the Mental Post it effect (a separate effect from Labco that is included with the Mental Boxes). Three colored dice and the receiver which has a visual display and a vibrator as well. All in its protective custom case with charging units.

There are many effects you can do with this. Here is a routine from the included manuscript:

In the four boxes your put a blue die, a green die red die and a black die.

Phase one:  on a post it note your write a prediction and put it in the last box which you place on the mahogany plate.

Phase two: You instruct five spectators to remove a box each and hide the contents in their hand.  You have your back turned while this is occurring or are blindfolded.

Phase three: You reveal the spectator with the black dice and let them roll the dice. Let say it lands on 5. You now reveal the spectator with the box that contained the prediction. The number written on the prediction matches the number rolled on the dice.

Phase 4: one after the other you name the spectators that have the various color dice.

This is just one effect.  They are limitless. You always know who has what box.  You can receive a visual notification or a vibration with the receiver. It is a magnificent piece of electronics.

It has never been used (I know I say this a lot but the guy who I purchased a large collection from never used the items after purchase. He stored them. Most were in the original shipping containers).  As with any electronics I sell, it has been fully tested and is operating perfectly.  

Sold for $1500.

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