Lemon Aid by Nick Lewin: A masterful comedy routine routine full of twist and turns


Is new. Comes with instructional DVD and everything you need. I have chosen not to expose the main gimmick as it would not be right to the creator. I will throw in a cruise ship book by Nick as well! Sells for $310. Again this is new and comes with the Cruise Ship Book

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Lemon AID is three tricks in one with hilarious surprises and some unique magical effects that will rock your audience. When a treasury bill is burned and the audience sees a lemon, they are way ahead of the magician and know  what is going to happen. Not in Lemon AID; the wild ride is just beginning and the magician turns the audience’s expectations on their head. This beautifully crafted prop will permit you to reinvent your routine and come up with a routine that is ideal for using in repeat bookings. Looking for a fully scripted applause filled routine? Then use my routine exactly as supplied. If you want to improve the version that you already use, then you will quickly discover why it is called Lemon AID.

Lemon AID comes complete with a 60 minute DVD that shows you everything you need to add this effect into your act immediately. Nothing has been omitted in this routine and every twist, turn, joke, and gag from Nick’s own show is included on the performance video. Thirty years of experience have ironed out all the wrinkles in this routine leaving you to add a contemporary classic to your show.
Hey Mrs. Nick, I got Lemon-aid this morning and just made it through the video.  I have to say the routine is incredible,  I own several versions of Bill to Lemon(the lemon game, teleportation device, final cut, etc.) They’re all great, but Nick’s truly takes the cake.  I love it. Now just waiting to get the rolling up the cards video….Thanks again for the quick service I can’t wait to practice and perform it.” 
– Dr. Rod Shipley, D.C.
“The package with Lemon Aid arrived yesterday! By now, I´m starting to incorporate elements of it in my borrowed bill routine… Everything is really well made!”
– Joshua Endress

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