Limited Edition Parlor Sized Blue Phantom


One of only 5 made in the difficult to find parlor size.

The Blue Phantom, invented by Hans Trunk, is a classic effect. It is impossible for a normal audience to figure out due to the ingenious design of the prop…but only if made well.  There have been some great versions out there (Thayer, Owen Arturo and others) and this well made prop ranks right with them.

This beautiful Okito Style Model has been perfectly made by the same master craftsman who constructed many of the Okito replica’s found in Dr. Albo’s Classic Magic Series of Books and Videos.

Best of all included are gimmicks for both the standard version of the effect and the much lesser known variation by Tommy Windsor which he called “The Climax Blue Phantom”.

In this routine, which would startle most of the magicians at the cub, you end with  a display of FOUR blue checkers alternating with the yellow on the rod!  Great for repeat performances and he apparatus supplied allows you to do both!

You get a coy of the original Thayer apparatus instructions and the explanation for the Tommy Windsor “Climax Routine” copied from a vintage magazine.

Again this is the Parlor Sized version many of you have been looking for.  It stand about 2/3rd’s the size of the regular Blue Phantom with the brass column being 13 inches tall and the checkers 2 1/2 inches in diameter.

Mint Condition!

Out of stock

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