Limited Editions Robert Harbin Bending Rod: Only 6 made!


This is a great prop. Not only beautiful but very well made and a fooler!  The magician shows a small tray with a stainless steel rod on the tray. It is taken into the audience where it is examined by members of the audience. It is brought back to the stage. Up to this pint the magician (or the assistant if one is being used) has never touched the rod.

The rod is then picked up by the magician and held in his or her hand.  It is slowly seen to bend. This is not and optical illusion or the old pencil gag it is bending Uri Geller style!

It slowly bends back to normal and the magician places it back on the tray.  This is said to have been Robert Harbin’s last effect he invented. The tray is beautifully built and exquisitely inlayed  The tray is 8×11 inches.

Only 6 were made and immediately sold out.  Here is your chance!  Highly recommended!

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