Lou Levanthal’s Ring In Racquetball with custom ATA Case


This created quite a sensation when first released and no wonder why.  It is an incredibly entertaining effect and an unbelievable ring to impossible location plot. Please view the videos part one  Here and part two  here  and you will see the potential of this effect  It is in very good condition and comes ready to go with everything you need including eh custom ATA case.  Built by Malloy Magic and is built to stand the rigors of performing. For description see below.

Sells for $1890 with case and we have priced it to sell. Highest of recommendations!

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From Lou Levanthal website

Effect: A racquetball is tossed into the audience to select a volunteer with a valuable finger ring. After racquetball is returned to magician, it is vanished. Magician comments that volunteer’s ring is filthy, and offers to clean it with a “jeweler’s hammer” to knock off the dirt. Ring is smashed to bits.

Throughout the routine, a beautiful cherry wood box has been sitting onstage. It contains a “lovely parting gift.” Opening the box, an inner box/cage is seen inside. The volunteer opens the cage, and removes another, smaller wooden box, covered in elastic bands. Upon opening the smallest cherry wood box, the volunteer finds what she lost only a few minutes earlier � the racquetball used to bring her onstage!

The volunteer picks up an ordinary knife from the table and hands it to the magician. He saws the racquetball in half. Inside the ball is the spectator’s ring, which she takes back to her seat, along with both halves of the racquetball. The volunteer, and the magician, humbly accept their enthusiastic applause.

  • Very easy to perform and can be done completely surrounded!
  • This original effect has been refined and audience tested for 25+ years! Nothing is held back! Comes complete with absolutely everything that you need to perform this mind-boggling, reputation making comedy routine!
  • Each piece is quality hand-crafted by Malloy Modern Magic out of brass and beautiful hardwoods. This will become a valuable collector’s piece, but it is made for the professional performer. Quantities will be very limited!

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