Marc Antoine’s Ultimate Remote Rising Cards


Fantastic Remote controlled rising card.  You will be amazed to see all the machinery in that small block of cards. Tested and functions perfectly. New never used.

Preprogramed to rise a card,  then rise another and lower it only to rise again, and then rise the third card.

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This rising card, controlled by a remote control, has reach perfection into its design. Conceived by Marc Antoine, winner of the “Golden Wand Award” at the Monte-Carlo festival, and made in Switzerland, the Ultimate remote Control Rising Card offers you a lot of potential. You can repeat the effect 3 times in a row, with 3 different cards.

Imagine: You have 3 spectators picking a card, and have those cards signed. The cards are lost in the deck. You grab the deck, concentrate, and the first signed card rise slowly out from the deck.

Now, you put the deck in the card box, shut it, and have a second spectator holding it in his hand. The spectator name his card, and as he do so, the box open by itself, and rise out from the deck.

The third card is a little shy. You put the deck in a glass, put that one as far as you want, and cover the deck with a white silk.

You’ll ask all the spectators to name the card this time. Nobody touch the glass, the deck, and yet, at will, the third card will rise out from the deck.

This is one of the possible presentation you can come out with, but the options are endless.

Please note: Cards appears at your will. You have the remote control. You can have a kid using a magic wand, have a spectator blow on the deck, call the card, etc.

Pre-selected speed of the rising card is set for smooth rising effect

Very small, the gimmick is about the thickness of 15 playing cards and fit your regular deck of cards

Hand crafted in Switzerland, made for long lasting

Thread used is made of Yneema fiber, and can support up to 20 lb

Remote control works from a distance up to 45 feet. You can even leave the room, and have a wall between the remote and the deck, it will still work ! Mechanism integrated in the gimmick use a lithium battery, and can be used up to 1800 times before having to be replaced.

IT should be noted this is an electric motor and gears and there is a “humming” noise factor.  It can be covered in several ways, but I wanted you to know it is there.  Having said that this is a truly amazing piece of electronic workmanship.  You will not believe what is hidden in that small block of cards.

Comes complete with everything you need including a gimmick to allow for a red or blue bicycle deck.

This has never been used but I tested it to insure working and it does perfectly.

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