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Mental Sticks by Daytona Magic

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This mental effect can either turn you into a human computer or a super mentalist.  Retail Price $140

SUPPLIED: You are supplied with four sticks with random numbers and a beautiful oak stand.

MENTALISM EFFECT: Ask a spectator to examine the four rods with random numbers and place them in any order on the stand. After this is done you immediately write down a number on a dry erase board or pad of paper. This number is concealed from the audience. A calculator is introduced to the spectator who is asked to add up all the numbers.

Have the spectator recite his answer. Of course it matches your predicted number. This can be repeated immediately.

COMPUTER EFFECT: Tell the audience that you are a human computer. Ask them to set the sticks in the stand in any order, while your back is turned. Hand them a calculator as you turn around and tell them to add up the sum of the numbers on the sticks, In a second you can give them the answer. This effect can also be repeated.

Retail Value $140

*** NO Reserve Price ***
Item condition: Used

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