Metal Writing Gamblers Poker Chip

Winning Bid: $101.00

If you are not familiar with Metal Writing products, then this is a good starting point for you. The items involve predictions where the final outcome is actually engraved on an item (in this case a poker chip).  This is brand new unopened. You get a lot of stuff including two instructional videos. See the magic café review below.

I cannot ship this internationally.

Estimate $50-100

*** NO Reserve Price ***
Item condition: New

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Review from the Magic Cafe:

I’ve had this a while and am finally getting around to posting a review. Eye of Odin doesn’t really fit my style so I was happy to see a smaller version. Reading the reviews of Odin, I was intrigued by the metal writing method but honestly had no idea what to expect. I ordered the Poker Chip directly from and saved a TON of money over what Hocus is charging. With the exchange rate as it is, you absolutely MUST buy direct from the guys at Metal Writing. Thank me later. Even with overseas shipping and 200 refills, I still saved a bunch of money. Amazing.

In any event, shipping was fast and the packaging was top notch. When I opened the box – again I had no idea what to expect – I was initially blown away by the contents. The props involved in the metal writing concept look more like medieval torture devices than the high-tech James Bond gizmos I was expecting. That was surprise 1. I also ordered the 200 refill kit and fully expected to see 200 little metal disks. Boy was I wrong. Surprise 2. So I had to pop in the two included dvds to figure out what I was looking at. When I saw the method in action I was even more blown away. Very creative and something I didn’t even know was possible.

The props themselves are all high quality. The poker chip is nice and the included bag has some nice secrets built in that I wasn’t expecting. Unlike Odin, the “work” here is accomplished using a post-it note pad instead of a chalk board. The post-it note pad is cleverly designed to be self contained. How they’ve incorporated a normal Sharpie marker as the writing instrument is simply genius. My only complaint with the pad is that there is a bit of a noise issue if you are not careful. However, it is quite easy to add a little padding to deaden the noise. Also a consideration with the smaller post-it note pad is the fact that the smaller size means you have less cover. There is no fumbling. You just have to be aware of where people are standing so they don’t catch a flash of anything. As mentioned above, once the dirty work is done, the clever bag gets you the rest of the way home. It’s gimmicked in three ways and they all work together to make for quite a deceiving convincer, load, reveal sequence.

The kit allows you to reload a few times on the fly. After that, you will need some time to reset. The longer reset needs to be done at home and can’t be done at the venue. So this would be more of a formal or special occasion piece. To be honest, the reset is as interesting as the effect itself.

Bottom line, I’m not sure if this will ever see the light of day for me as a performance piece but it sure is amazing to play with. The method is worthy of the praise MetalWriting has been receiving. All the props are top notch as is the instruction. I like it so much that I might pick up the gun for a more formal stage piece. Well done to the boys as MetalWriting. Keep the creativity coming.

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