Michael Baker Walnut Card Box Set


Nicely made as you would expect from this modern day craftsman. Beautiful walnut finish with solid brass piano hinges. Has its own protective carry bag.

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This set allows for a number of effects that can be created by you. Basic Effect: Two Boxes are shown, each containing a deck of cards: one red and one blue. One of the boxes is selected (we will assume blue) and the other is closed and placed aside (containing the red deck). A card is chosen from the blue deck and returned by itself to the box. The magician claims he has caused the chosen card to fly into the other box.  The box containing the selected card is opened and found to be empty.  When the other box is opened the red deck has vanished with the exception of a single blue card.  It is the chosen card.

Both boxes are incredibly gimmicked allowing for a number of routines to be worked out.  Take this trick and make it your own.


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