Mike Caldwell’s Perfect Choice: Doug Malloy Magic: Set #5


Great effect as outlined below.  Comes complete with instructions and certificate of authenticity from Dave Malloy Magic.  Has it own protective carrying case for both props. In  very good condition. This is the 5th set  made.

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A deck of cards is shown, and is held in full view throughout the performance. You announce that you will perform ‘THE PERFECT PREDICTION’. A person is selected from the audience (either by random choice or by throwing out a ping pong ball, etc.). He’s asked to state his name and choose either Red or Black. After doing so, he now gets to pick someone at random. This second person states their name and (if RED was chosen) chooses either Hearts or Diamonds or (if BLACK was chosen) chooses either Clubs or Spades. This second person now chooses a third person. The third person gives their name and then names any card from Ace to King. The third person then select a fourth random member of the audience. This final volunteer gives their name and chooses any number from 1 to 52.

A dry erase board is brought out, and all of the selections are written down for verification. The LAST volunteer opens the deck of cards, and counts down to the number (from 1 to 52) that was previously selected. That card now has a RED back, while the rest of the deck is BLUE. This card is turned over to reveal that it is entirely THE WRONG CARD! But you tell him to examine it closely, and he will see your prediction – written around the edges of this card are the names and selections of ALL the participants!!

The best is yet to come: You turn over the deck and show that ALL of the remaining 51 cards are the Selected Card!! UNBELIEVEABLE – It’s the ‘PERFECT CHOICE!’

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