Millennium Wallet by Bob Swadling: Exceptional!


Millenieum wallet by Bob Swading.  Sold for $210 in 2008 impossible to find. This one new never used. Tested the electronics and they function perfectly. One amazing wallet. With all original accessories.

You show a wallet and cash.  You have three people select three different business cards from your wallet while not looking.  They put their hand on them covering them on the table.  You then remove the cash from your wallet (say three one hundred dollar bills to make it interesting).  You place the money next to their hand and if you are wrong they get the money.  You have them remove there hands. When you turn the bills over each one has a dot on it whose color matches the card!  Great for trade shows!

Bob Swadling has the reputation of excellence for a reason.  This is exquisitely made in England and you cannot miss! Like much of my magic this one new never used!

Many other routines possible and several different are given. . You always know who took what card thanks to the completely hidden electronics in the wallet.  The wallet can be and is handled by the spectators without any fear of detection.  This gets my highest of recommendations!

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