Milson Worth Oriental Die Box: The Holy Grail of Die Boxes: Mint!


Up until three years ago I collected Milson Worth Magic.  There was one piece i never found.  I looked for what seemed like 25 years. Every dealer knew to watch for it for me.  It never came up.

Even the great collector Bill King did not own one when I bought his Milson Worth collection. He said he could never find one. That makes this item very rare. I have recently discovered an absolutely mint Milson Worth Oriental die box (this one made 15 years ago).  It is the most gorgeous die box ever built in my estimation.  Seeing one in person has only enhanced its reputation for me. It is stunning. Any spot you may see on the prop is not a defect but light reflection. The mirror-like surface is difficult to photograph.

This piece of magic can be the centerpiece to any collection.  The size is 9.5×6.5×5 inches. Comes with its protective bag.

Here is your chance.  I assure you the person who buys this will never regret it.  The price is not a normal die box price, but this is not a normal die box.

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