Mini Cardboard Light Heavy box by Gimpy Magic: no longer available


Nobody comes close to Gimpy’s Magic when it comes to light heavy boxes. And now everyone can afford to have a Gimpy-built light heavy box. This box looks just like a small cardboard box—because it is. Show all sides and THE BOTTOM. Inside is a high quality aluminum cast gimmick, no plastic here. The proprietary design and method are like nothing that others offer in the market. The box is self-contained and requires no special or heavy table. The box does not wiggle or make any sound. At only 6”x 6”x 6” it’s easy to toss into a suitcase, and is perfect for any venue. Talk about “pack small, play big!” As a bonus you receive detailed instructions on how to perform a light heavy routine. Learn the real secrets at play outside the box that Gimpy has discovered. Instructions to replace the cardboard box are included. Use with or without our performance mat, not included.

brand new and no longer available.

Box Dimensions: 6x6x6x6 Inches

Out of stock

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