Miracle Die and the Magic Hat: Germany: rare miniature magic

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A wonderful miniature illusion.  For full details see below!

Estimate $350-550

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The Norman Die Vanish is one of the best block vanishes in magic.  It is a compete fooler. This beautiful mini version is probably the nicest ever made. Don’t confuse it with the Vienna Magic Wonder Die.  While that version is well  made, this model from Germany is far superior. First, it is slightly larger in size. Secondly, it works as smooth as silk.  And finally, it also features the magic hat, which is not just a miniature toy hat. It is cleverly gaffed for the effect.

The magician sets a miniature top hat on the table, along with a small cube shaped box. The lintel box is on a small platform. The hat is lifted to reveal a large yellow die with black spots. The die is 1 3/4 inch cubed. He lifts the box to reveal a skeletal frame with no bottom and large “windows” in each of the remaining five sides.

The hat is lifted to reveal the die and the die is placed on the little platform.  It is then covered with the skeletal frame. Finally the cube-box is placed over the frame die. The performer then waves his wand (or does whatever he does to make the magic happen). He then lifts the cube to reveal and empty frame on the platform. the die has completely vanished. After a brief pause, he lifts the hat to reveal the die has reappeared under it!

The original  instructions use a silk and the die. The silk is placed in the hat and the die on the platform as described. After the wand is waved the cube is lifted to reveal the silk now in the otherwise empty  and the hat is lifted to reveal the die; a baffling transposition of two items.

The props are beautiful and work effortlessly. The outfit is beautiful and includes everything even the silks along with the full original German instructions and an English translation.

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