Misers Dream Box first edition: Louis Gaynor and Stevens Magic 2010


Every now and then something comes along that is so clever you just cannot believe someone came up with it. It is a new principle and so well made.  It is a complicated piece consisting of 18 different pieces that make it up, yet it looks so innocent!

The effect is you show a small beautiful inlayed box completely empty.  You close the box and when it is opened again there is a quarter (or smaller sized coin) in the box.  The coin is then removed.  The box is shown empty. This takes place 3 more times.  After the 4th quarter is removed, the box is then again closed and when opened 4 half dollars have appeared!   You can then hand the box for examination!  This is one you will not be disappointed int. It is amazing craftsmanship. Purchased and stored never used. Anything that may look like a defect are beautiful natural inclusions in the walnut wood.  .This is #2 of a limited edition and is 2.5 inches square with original instructions.  IF you like ingenious mechanical items you are going to love this!

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