Mona Lisa McComb: new and no longer available: Black Rabbit Magic


This is still in the manufacturers wrap.  Additional Photos courtesy of Andy Martin. A wonderful stage effect.



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Officially Authorized by Billy McComb

A laugh Filled Comedy Routine With a Touch of Elegance

Claiming to be attuned to his volunteer’s taste in fine art, the magician shows the rest of the audience a prediction – a large -format, reproduction of the Mona Lisa – and sets it aside.

He now explains to the spectator that she will make a random choice from a stack of several reproductions of paintings. The performer holds up the paintings so the audience can see them, but not the volunteer, who is unaware that all the paintings are the Mona Lisa. The audience laughs as it realizes the performer is about to con his lovely volunteer.

As he displays each Mona Lisa to the audience, the performer miscalls each painting, saying one is a Monet, an Andy Warhol, a Dali, etc. Whenever the spectator says “Stop,” the magician hands her the painting to hold but tells her not to peek at it yet.

The Magician picks up his prediction and confidently asks the name of the artist she has chosen but is bewildered when she says she has selected a Van Gogh! (Yes, we’ve marked the artist’s name clearly at the bottom of the painting so the spectator will know it was painted by Van Gogh.)

The Magician looks for himself, and sure enough, she has ended up with an intense Van Gogh self-portrait. But when the performer turns around his prediction, it has magically changed to a Van Gogh as well, ending the routine on a note of artistic triumph!

Professionals will love the quality of the props, especially our new foolproof interlocking design that takes the risk out of the old rough-and-smooth method.

Mona Lisa McComb comes to you complete with thirteen full-color paintings reproduced on huge 11×14 inch high-quality coated stock, housed in an elegant ribbon-tie black artist’s portfolio, with full photo-illustrated instructions.

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