Nexus: Modern Minimalist Wallet


This is new.  It is a very versatile wallet. This sells currently for $110. A great wallet at our typical great price. Please watch the video.

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From the Manufacturer:

Magic and mentalism converge like never before in this sleek and slim everyday carry wallet.

Nexus is not your grandfather’s wallet. It’s a modern and slick wallet for the modern performer. Don’t let the fact that its barely the size of your passport fool you. The amount of possibilities packed into this amazing utility is truly astonishing.

For the mentalists, peeks are more motivated and natural then ever. They’ll fly by even your most knowledgeable friends. In just the brief second it takes to place the wallet on a table or into your spectator’s hands, you’ll get your peek. No suspicious moves required. It truly feels like nothing happened at all.

For the visual street magician or close up magician, the ID compartment allows you to perform a variety of appearances, vanishes, penetrations and transpositions. Imagine being able to trap a spectator’s ID in-between their hands before making it trade places with your ID that was inside your wallet.

The zipper compartment allows you to produce multiple objects—from borrowed rings to signed playing cards, keys, coins, sharpies or whatever else you’d like.

The removable/reversible clip allows you to hold your cash, credit cards or business cards. It’s also the perfect holder for packet tricks or even any mentalist that wants to take their spectators “out to lunch”.

What’s in the box:

  • One compact, slim-line Nexus wallet that might finally put an end to your need to buy every new magic wallet
  • A unique customizable gimmick
  • Nearly 4 hours of detailed instruction where you’ll learn 7 different peeks and 6 full routines for everyone from beginner magicians to seasoned professionals

“This is the best wallet I have ever seen!”Craig Petty

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