Nicola’s Shadow Box

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This is a significant, one of a kind, piece of history. You are looking at Nicola’s shadow box. I purchased this from the Las Vegas based Magic and Movie Hall of Fame many years ago and it come with a letter of provenance from Valentine Vox the curator of that venue. The ownership went from Lewain’s to Robert Elgas who actually performed with it for a number of years. Elgas was a relative of Nicola. It was he who sold it to the Hall of Fame and in turn it came to me when the museum closed.

I had a large crate built for it to protect it and you will get that crate. This will have to be shipped by truck and you will need to make those arrangements. Discussing this with Elgas he theorized that Nicola (who had artistic skills) painted the drawings on the panels. The front panel is a replacement (not shown in the photo) but matches the others. Elgas made some modifications to perform it as I don’t think Velcro was around for Nicola. All of the original construction of the box is there and evident however. Email me for additional photos if you desire. Buyer pays and arranges shipping.

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