Nielsen/Owen Kuma Tubes: Stunning props!

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Stunning One of a kind Nielsen decorated early Owen Kuma Tubes!

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Long ago Fioyd Thayer had Okitio decorate many of the Thayer props. These props have become valued collectors items.  This set of Kuma Tubes brings things full circle as Norm Nielsen (who became Okito’s protege) has decorated these early Owen props.  They are some of the most beautiful magic props you will ever see.  They are in excellent condition as is the Owen copper vase.  They tubes are 12 inches tall and 10 inches wide.  They are metal and lined with exquisite blue felt type cloth to protect the finish as they are performed.  This can be one of the the centerpieces of any collection. Only one was decorated by Norm so you will have an exclusive!.

Will send directions copied from the Albo books..

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