Oh Shirt! Max Krause: your t-shirt reveals their card choice!


The back of the  T shirt reveals their chosen card but only after viewing the jumbled letters with  a mirror (included)! The front of the T shirt says  AMTSTYA which stands for “ask me to show you something amazing”.  This is a size XL and is a quality  heavy preshrunk cotton shirt. Great icebreaker for walk around magic!

New. Put out by Max Krause in 2010: opened to photograph. Sold for $75 in 2010.

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From The Magic Café:

I just picked up the new effect “OH SHIRT” (http://www.innovativedeceptions.com/id_ohshirt.htm) from Max Krause last night and gave it a trial run today.

Here is how the effect reads.

The spectator asks the magician to show them something amazing and the magician removes a deck of cards and has a card selected. The magician then has the card replaced into the deck and shuffled. The magician then attempts to find the card with no luck, making the performance less than amazing. As a last resort the magician turns around and asked the spectator if they see the card on the back of their shirt.

The spectator laughs because there are a ton of letters all over the place that don’t make any sense.

The magician then tells the spectator that sometimes magic is done with mirrors.

The magician asks the spectator for a pocket mirror, hands them his own or stands in front of a mirror and all of the letters reverse and suddenly their card is discovered on the magicians back!

Oh, Shirt! comes complete with everything needed to present this very entertaining effect!

Oh, Shirt! is a great icebreaker and conversation starter.

All day long everyone was asking me what my shirt said and boom I’m right into the effect! I could not believe I didn’t have to break the ice with anyone the shirt did it for me!

I think the revelation on the back of the shirt is just awesome. When the participant finds the revelation ( Their Card) mixed in with random jarble they freak!!!!!!

The quality of the shirt is top notch and the packaging is very nice. I have noticed that Max puts every bit of effort into puting a product together. I think they should call him MAD MAX for the killer effects he keeps putting out.

Over all I give this product 5 stars outta 5! I love magic that I can have on me at all times that takes up no space at all. In my honest opinion I think Max has done a killer job on this effect.

Oh and the mirror that comes with the effect is top notch and can be used for other effects like twilight angles and coins. Or if your woman needs to put on her makeup or your camping and need to shave. The options for the props are endless!

If you don’t have this effect I suggest you get it before it’s gone.

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