Okito Redmond Flying Alphabet Block: Douglas Dean Show


Douglas Dean was an important man in magic. He was the successor to the McDonald Birch show and he and his family toured with the Birch show after acquiring it lock stock and barrel from Birch after his retirement.  He even got the bus and truck!

This Okito/Redmond effect is direct from his medicine man act. It is the very one shown in the publicity photo.  It is in used but still good condition.  It is hallmarked with the Okito/Redmond sticker.  For the effec,t a die vanishes from a box only to appear visibly in an open box tray to vanish again and appear back in the box actually changing into a ball along with way!  Okito/Redmond props are scarce and this one comes with some magic history!  You get the photo and flyer as well.  One photo on the flyer shows Dean after acquiring the Birch show with all of the props displayed on stage!  We will send instructions from Babcock for the same effect.

The die is 4 inches square and the open top box is 9x5x5 inches.

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