Okito/Williams Replica of the Masters: Matter Through Matter by Carl Williams


This is the masterpiece of the Okito/Williams Replica of the Masters series sold by Stevens Magic many years ago. It is simply one of the finest modern day pieces of magic ever made.

Matter Through Matter. Pasadena, Okito-Williams, ca. 2000. A solid sheet of green fabric is attached to an elaborately decorated easel. The magician lowers a panel with a central hole over the fabric and can immediately pass solid objects through a hole in the panel and the sheet of fabric as well, yet no hole in the fabric is made. Elaborately decorated in the style of Okito, with decals, red, and gold lacquer. Hallmarked. 15 x 23”. One of ten units manufactured. With original instruction manual and video.  In an effort to duplicate Okito’s craftsmanship almost exactly, builder Carl Williams used metric hardware when fabricating this version of the apparatus. The trick was described in Greater Magic (1938) in the following terms: “No other word than exquisite suffices to describe this piece made by Theo Bamberg (Okito). The trick is now well known but this apparatus is truly a museum piece.”

Although this has been packed since its acquisition i have found a couple small  paint chips (see Photos). Therefore I cannot call it mint but it is in excellent condition.  It is priced well under its issue price. A treasure and a great addition to any collection..

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