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We have teamed up with Master Craftsman Paul Lembo to create our second in a series of Vintage apparatus productions. This is Okito’s famous triangle production.  Only five of these were made and each comes with a certificate of authenticity plus a brass plate attached verifying that you have one of 5 limited editions items with your specific number included on the plate.  There will be no more made!


In effect the pieces of what will be a triangle are seen resting flat against an upright stand. A base is shown and each piece of the triangle is assembled on the base one by one in full view. After the assembly a huge production is made from the interior of the triangle.  One of Okito’s finest principles is in play here.

The apparatus itself is stunning and the highest of quality. The ball feet are brass. The inside of the triangles are finished as beautifully as the outside. Notice the oriental decorations on the stand which no one will actually see but as Okito once famously said “I will see it”.

We are proud of this beautiful prop and if we weren’t we would not have our name on it!

Remember only 5 of these will ever be made.

Please ignore the flash spots captured in the photos.  All props are beautifully finished.


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