Orange and Die (Kalle Kuhbach): Wolgang Wollett (no longer made)


This is a very well made effect from Europe.  It is brand new with English instructions. Tube is 12 inches and dice are 4 inches. See below for effect. No longer available. Sold for $349 when it was available.

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From Trick Supply:

This can be a highlight in your show, several classic tricks combined into a powerful multi-phase routine. Orange and Dice is ready to delight your audience!

Three different colored dice are introduced and stacked in different order several times, not a huge undertaking as the squares stack pretty easy even when one is going about it pretty clumsily!

It gets more difficult when a round object gets involved, in this case an orange. Would you be able to stack the orange between two of the dice without the whole thing tumbling over? Since you don’t need the third die in this attempt, it is placed aside into a small box.

Unfortunately, the attempt to stack the dice with the orange in the middle fails, but you have an idea: Borrow a banknote to keep the orange from rolling. The mischief continues as the banknote transforms in a “Receipt” while it is being folded. Well at least the spectator from which the banknote was borrowed received something back….

You need to try this all a different way. Maybe it is not as visual but you know how to get the stack….you take a tube and put it over one of the dice…then the orange gets dropped in the tube and the last die…well they are stacked now inside the tube.

Now you recap, there is one die in the little box (show it one more time), and the stack with the orange in the middle in the tube…well sort off because when the tube is removed the orange has disappeared and in its place is the third die that had been in the little box…..

Well you guessed it, the orange is found in the little box….

A great trick and everybody will enjoy it, except maybe the spectator that is out the money….you offer him the orange, hey $20 for an orange is not a bad deal….well he does not seem happy….take a large knife, cut the orange in half and the spectators banknote is found in it…..

Believe me, this is first class entertainment at its best. Yes, the spectator could write down the serial number of his note and it would match. Expertly manufactured in Europe.

You will need to furnish your own un-gimmicked knife and the fruit!



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