Original Okito Made Sawing Through an Arm: 1950: rare


Here is an Okito made effect built while he was with Joe Berg around 1950.  It is one of Okito rarest props as very few were made. I purchased this from Bill Trotter (a Great Collector and friend) many years ago and it has been in my personal collection ever since.

It is a cutting through an arm effect in which  a metal plate is inserted to keep the arm and two pieces of wood in place inside the apparatus while the magician uses a handsaw to saw through both. The wood is cut but the arm comes out unharmed!  There was no saw with it as any handsaw can be used as it is un-gimmicked. With  directions for performance.

If you collect Okito this is likely one you do not have. The prop is 20x18x7 inches. Used but  good condition as shown.

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