Original Thayer Workshop Plans for the AMAC (Find the Lady) Illusion direct from the Thayer Workshop files!


About 6 years ago I purchased what was left of the original Thayer Studios which included Props, Paintings, hand drawn workshop plans, hand drawn catalog illustrations and the entire workshop file of instructions and ephemera.  Much of this was sold at my Potter auctions but the workshop files themselves have never been gone through until now!  We are beginning to sort through the workshop files and are finding some incredible things!  As we have time to search through this massive set of files, we will be listing items directly from them. These items have never been sold and are leaving the original Thayer Workshop files for the first time.  There are very few of each item and in some cases we are finding only  one. We are now offering the following item:

The original Thayer workshop plans for the AMAC (Find the Lady) Illusion.  This is one of the most famous illusions of all time and this is your chance to own the Thayer workshop plans direct from the Thayer files. The size is 14.25×18  inches and comes complete with the description and presentation instructions.   This would look fabulous framed in your magic room.

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