Owen Thayer Die and Silk Casket: from the estate of Howard Mitchell master marionette worker

$350.00 $229.00

Owen Die and Silk Casket.  It is an exchange effect where a die changes places with a silk..  Beautifully make in excellent condition.  The casket is 11 inches tall and 4 inches square. No instructions.

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We have recently acquired the magic collection of Howard Mitchell who was famous for Mitchell Marionettes! Howard lived in Whittier Ca. and his Marionette show was a great hit in the 60’s-90’s at County and State fairs. They hooked up a traveling trailer and it became a stage! This is one of Howard’s props. Most of his collection was purchased at Thayer/Owen (Howard was born in 1912) so get ready as you will see many Thayer props in the next few months.

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