Paddle Works by Ken Bergman: #4 of 15: highest quality and a great investment


Kent Bergman built the highest quality props out of beautiful zebra wood.  He no longer builds and his props have become one of the most desired collectors pieces of all modern craftsman.  Partially because of the extreme quality (look at the bottom of the box, even it is incredibly finished) and partially because he made so few of each item.  This is a stunning Paddle Set with he made only 15 of which this is number4..

It comes in the custom box and with  a certificate of authenticity.  It also comes with a large detailed manuscript of each effect in the box.  It is an incredible assortment of magic apparatus.  This type of item is a great investment.  Pieces have never been removed from the box.  The box closed is 9×6.25×3 inches.

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