Pillar of the Magi: Milson Worth’s rarest prop. Only 7 made.


The coveted Milson Worth Pillar of the Magi.  See below.

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I have been asked by many people to be on the lookout for one of these for them.  So many that I felt it best just to publish it on my site and first come first served.

The effect is a spectator chooses a card from a deck of cards.  The cards are then placed into a houlette holder built within a beautiful base. At the magicians command the cards shoot up into the air and one is captured in the beak of the eagle, the selected card.  Magic does not get any better!

This is the coveted Milson Worth Pillar of the Magi and it is in excellent condition.  I have personally seen three of these and each had minor stress cracks in the brass column. It is the nature of the beast. They all have them but they do not affect the working or appearance. You’ll need to look to find them.

You may  never have the chance to purchase this item again.  This one was the in the former Bill King collection.  Bill bought this when it was new and placed it on the shelf.

The centerpiece of any collection with original instructions.  High original cost.

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