Radar Eye: Edward Boettcher Germany 1982 scarce


A deck of cards is fairly shuffled by the spectator (they really are) and the magician removes a small clear tube of glass form a small case. It is examined by the spectator. The magician says it is a radar  machine and can detect cards.  He then places it on the deck and looking through the glass announces the name of the card.on top.  It is turned over and it is correct!  He then hands the glass to the spectator and instructs them to do the same. The spectator peers through the glass and announces the name of a card. It is turned over and also found to be correct!

Great props and a great effect.  The spectator actually sees the name of a card when he or she peers through the glass. In excellent condition.  Another wonderful Boettcher prop from Germany. German and English instructions.

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