Rich BLoch’s Perfect Prediction from Signature pieces “Museum Quality Magic”


Just so you know I set up this stuff and make sure it works before I ship it.  Seldom am I amazed by what I see.  When I ran this through the paces I actually laughed. It was that good and the dirty work that imperceptible. I fooled myself!

The effect is the audience as asked to name three things (it can be anything).  The magician has a large notepad (included) that he makes his prediction on before the items are named.  He reveals his prediction  and he missed it badly.  Oh well on with the show.

Later in the show (perhaps the end) he ask for a clear box from the audience that contains a note which has been tied up with ribbons..  The magician gave this to a member of the audience near the beginning of the show without explanation. The audience member brings it forward and unties the box.  The magician dumps the note onto the table in full view of the spectator..  The audience member opens the note and reads aloud. It matches the three items named earlier!

This is good!  If i were not peddling magic all my life and were out doing shows again I would keep this.  Your chance to own. it. Few made and scarce. Complete with ATA case. New never used (except by me to check it out!).

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