Richard Gerlitz Back In Time Watch


Richard Gerlitz is certainly one of the finest builders of today.  His items are cherished by collectors all over the world.  He releases very few items each year and generally only makes between 12 and 25 of a major release. Owning a Gerlitz prop is like owning a Royals Royce: it is simply the finest magic you can buy.  His props have stood the test of time and have made for a wonderful investment for those that own them.  Gerlitz props aren’t for everybody, but if you can  it is always good to own the best!

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This is a 14k gold filled Waltham watch that is over 100 years old.  It has been wonderfully gaffed by Richard Gerlitz.


Great grandfather never had enough time, so he had a pocket watch designed to run backwards, hoping to get more hours in the day.  I don’t know if it gave him anymore hours, but it certainly made it harder to tell the time.  It does have some unusual abilities however.


A unique pocket watch is introduced where the numbers are backwards on the dial.  The spectator is asked  to mentally think of a time that was important to them in the past.  Spectator is then asked to pick up the watch and place it face down in his palm and begin concentrating on his time.  When he turns the watch face up, he is amazed to see the hands running “Back in Time.”  The magician asks the spectator for his special time, and when he announces it, the watch abruptly stops exactly at that time.  The spectator has been holding the watch the entire time.

Comes with written instructions and a link to a very detailed instructional video.

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