Richard Gerlitz Sea-Ling’s Dancing Skeletons: No longer available


Richard Gerlitz is certainly one of the finest builders of today.  His items are cherished by collectors all over the world.  He releases very few items each year and generally only makes between 12 and 20 of a major release. Owning a Gerlitz prop is like owning a Royals Royce: it is simply the finest magic you can buy.  His props have stood the test of time and have made for a wonderful investment for those that own them.  Gerlitz props aren’t for everybody, but if you can  it is always good to own the best!

The Sea-Ling Dancing Skeletons is a magnificent prop that has sold out. It is unusual to find a Gerlitz prop for sale because of their rarity and desirability. You can never acquire one at or below the original asking price.  Here is your chance. Mint condition with all original accessories and the original box.

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Another exquisite effect from RIchard Gerlitz. It is Sea Ling’s Dancing Skeletons. Long sold out, this effect centers around an early child’s toy, the Praxinoscope.  It is a French invention of a lamp like object invented in 1877 as an optical toy for the wealthy. When rotates (spun)  images on strips of paper lining the toy perform acrobatic feats as reflected in the interior revolving mirrors.  The prop itself is a thing of beauty that would look at home in the finest of offices or homes.

After demonstrating the lamp itself with several of the optical strips, a strip of skeletons is used to create an amazing effect. Two playing cards are selected by two spectators.  They are placed on  the table surface beside the optical toy and the first spectator is asked to watch the skeletons in the mirror as the perimeter wheel is spun.  As they watch the skeletons dance in the mirror reflection, the image of a card appears (flashes) on the tombstone. Lets say it is the 4 of spades (4S).  The second spectator is also asked to watch the dancing skeletons in the mirror and again the image appears (flashes) on the tombstone among the dancing skeletons. The cards are turned over and the cards match the ghostly images!.

This would look wonderful in an executive office, home or magic room. When they say “so your a magician show me a trick”, it is time to introduce the Gerlitz Dancing Skeletons!

This is a very sophisticated (but reliable) electronic device.  It has been tested and functions perfectly. It is as new in the original box with all of the original accessories. You get ten strips of drawings along with the skeleton strip and a link to the very detailed instructions.. Richard states the value on his site of $1700.

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